Experts in metal constructions.

CALDITEC Boilermaking designs, manufactures and assembles a wide variety of equipment for industry in general, developing and adapting to the specific requirements and working conditions of each client and sector. Our workshops, located within our industrial plant, are equipped with the necessary technology, equipment and overhead cranes with large capacity capable of carrying out the large projects we work on.

We offer integrated solutions for projects with different manufacturing processes:

– Pressure and non-pressure vessels – Vertical storage tanks
– Process equipment
– Tanks on vehicles

– Silos in general
– Hoppers
– Fixed and mobile silos for mortars


We design, plan and build the installation of the silos based on the properties of the products to be deposited in them and the requirements of the process to be carried out. Under the guidance of our experts, the installation is carried out on site with complete assembly of all equipment, including instrumentation and electrical wiring.

The points we take into account are the following:

Personalised planning

Taking into account the type and properties of the product, the technical requirements, the sector, particularities of the area, etc.

Material selection

Depending on the product properties, process technology and industry-specific requirements.

The following options are available:

Carbon steel silos
Stainless steel silos

Silo equipment

Based on the product properties and the requirements of the process technology, we plan and deliver:

Pneumatic silo filling
Deaeration filters
Safety valves
Filling control
Weighing technology
Extraction systems
Shut-off valves
Dosing and conveying equipment Silo discharge bellows
On-site installation and complete assembly

Installations and systems

We specialise in the storage of bulk powdery material in silos and hoppers.

In the extraction of solid products from silos and tanks, the most suitable extraction systems are selected for each case.

Pneumatic transport
There are various forms and methods of pneumatic conveying, but basically, we can divide it into Diluted and Dense Phases.

Mechanical transport
The most suitable mechanical transport is determined based on the product characteristics and customer requirements.

Filling and emptying of BIG-BAGs
Depending on customer and product requirements, various types of Big-Bag loaders and unloaders are installed.

We make dosing systems by addition and subtraction.

Depending on the type of process, we can have batch and continuous mixing.

The installations automation is developed with simplicity and flexibility, in order to offer the user a user-friendly tool, for which we have the collaboration of the market leader I2S.