Experts in metallic constructions

Founded in 1993 and located in Tarragona, its activity is based on metal constructions in general, assemblies and maintenance, both for the national and international markets.

The management, technical and production team is composed of personnel with many years of experience in metalworking activities.

Our great value is the human team that forms part of our organisation.
We also have the appropriate machinery and facilities to carry out boilermaking and industrial welding work.

CALDITEC S.A. offers design, manufacture, assembly, repair and maintenance services for all types of installations in the industrial boilermaking field.

We also carry out all types of welding in carbon and stainless steel, as well as in special materials. We manufacture and assemble metal structures for any type of project or need, bolted or welded. In addition, we design and manufacture technical valves mainly for the hydroelectric market.

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Calditec, SA, is a metal construction company that designs, manufactures and installs turnkey projects with a wide variety of industrial equipment. We work mainly with materials such as: carbon steels S235JR, S275JR, S355J2N, S355K2N; stainless steels 304, 310, 316, duplex and super duplex.

The company is divided into three main divisions:

Main products:
Structures, vertical and horizontal tanks, silos, facilities and systems for storage, transport, filling and discharge of materials.

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Main products:
Pipelines, pumping stations and process plants.
In water works: pipelines, pumping stations and process plants.

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Main products:
Ball valves, butterfly valves, regulating valves, gate valves, spools and other manufactures.

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Turnkey projects

We design the installation that our client needs, acquiring the required equipment and materials. We then take care of the execution of all the work until the installation is delivered to the client or the planning with the planned execution. To this end, we have a team of highly specialised technicians who deal and solve any problems that may arise, ensuring the quality of the work and executing the start-up of the project.

Our clients receive an installation at the agreed price and time, thus dedicating less effort, time and resources to their project, not having to coordinate the numerous agents involved (suppliers, installers, control bodies, administrative legalisation, etc.).

In short, we are a “360 degree” company, capable of determining and assessing the needs for the development of projects, as well as planning, designing and managing the entire construction process.


We understand the quality of our work is an indispensable requirement in all the projects we carry out, which has been an essential part of our work since 1993.

CALDITEC SA, has an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 9001 Standards; and quality control under international construction standards and codes: UNE-EN 15614, UNE-EN 9606, UNE-EN 17637, UNE-EN 3452, UNE-EN 17638, UNE-EN 17636, UNE-EN 17640, UNE-EN 14015, UNE-EN 12285, CTE, Eurocodes, ASME Section II, ASME Section V, ASME Section VIII, ASME Section IX, APIO 650, APIO 620, ATP-2, NFPA N.NO. 11, ITC/MIE APQ-001.


CALDITEC SA, is a company accredited by TÜV Rheinland, certified to design, manufacture and assemble steel structures with an execution class EXC3. It certifies steel structures with the CE marking in accordance with the applicable standards EN 1090-1:2011 and EN 1090-2:2011.


The company maintains the Quality Commitment and certified procedures in accordance with ISO 9001.

ISO 9001:2015


Health and safety

The company maintains a Health and Safety Commitment to reduce occupational risks and promote a preventive culture in accordance with ISO 45001.

ISO 45001:2018


Quality of work

The company meets the quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials in accordance with the European standard UNE-EN ISO 3834-2:2006.

ISO 3834-2:2006


Structural steel components

The company meets the requirements of the European standard EN 1090-2 for the execution of structural steel components for execution class EXC3.

EN 1090-2:2018


Quality and safety policy

Every employee knows Calditec's commitment to quality, safety and health.

Integrated Quality, Safety and Health Management System Policy



In order to maintain a stable and fruitful relationship with our suppliers, consult the General Purchase Conditions that will apply to all purchases of goods and services by CALDITEC, SA.

Download here the General Purchase Conditions of CALDITEC, SA:


CALDITEC, en col·laboració amb l’empresa referent del sector TUSA, ofereix  totes les solucions necessàries per al client en l’àmbit  de la fabricació de maquinària per al sector de construcció i obra pública, i de forma més important per a la producció d’àrid, així com per a  manutenció en general i un gran ventall de maquinària relacionada amb aquest sector, sent reconeguda per la responsabilitat dels seus compromisos i la qualitat dels seus desenvolupaments tècnics.


Una Línia de Vida és un sistema de protecció contra caigudes dissenyat per a complir dues funcions fonamentals.

– Restricció: que evita que arribem a una zona amb el risc de caiguda.
– Anticaigudes: que deté amb total seguretat, a un o diversos usuaris sí que es produeix una caiguda accidental.

CALDITEC ofereix solucions integrals per a la incorporació d’aquests elements en ser instal·lador autoritzat TRACTEL

CALDITEC, in collaboration with the leading company in the sector TUSA, offers all the necessary solutions for the customer in the machinery manufacture field for the construction and civil engineering sector, and more importantly for aggregates production, as well as for general handling and a wide range of machinery related to this sector, being recognised for the responsibility of its commitments and the quality of its technical developments.


A Lifeline is a fall protection system designed to fulfil two fundamental functions.

– Restraint: which prevents us from reaching an area where there is a risk of falling.
– Fall arrest device: which safely arrests one or more users in the event of an accidental fall.

CALDITEC offers integral solutions for the incorporation of these elements as an authorised TRACTEL installer.

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La nostra empresa col·labora amb la marca Demag, líder mundial en tecnologia de grues des de fa gairebé 200 anys. Demag realitza el desenvolupament, disseny i fabricació de ponts grues, grues universals, grues pescants, sistemes lleugers KBK, polispastos i components altament sofisticats, així com la prestació de serveis de distribució i postvenda per a aquests productes. Demag fabrica en 19 sucursals internacionals en cinc continents i atén els seus clients amb la seva presència en més de 60 països. Amb les seves grues industrials i components solucionen les tasques per a flux de materials, de logística i d’accionament i té coneixement en la totalitat de les seves aplicacions:

– Enginyeria
– Fabricació
– Subministraments i components
– Muntatges
– Posada en marxa
– Manteniment
– Modernització

Gran experiència internacional avalen a Demag en el desenvolupament de diversos projectes de grans empreses nacionals, responent a la confiança dipositada pels seus clients, amb responsabilitat i qualitat en els serveis i productes que Demag ofereix al mercat.


Instrumentation and automation systems, process automation. Energy management, CMMS, data management, process information.


Our company is a partner of the Demag brand, a world leader in crane technology for almost 200 years. Demag develops, designs and manufactures overhead cranes, universal cranes, jib cranes, KBK light crane systems, hoists and highly sophisticated components, as well as providing sales and after-sales services for these products. Demag manufactures at 19 international locations on five continents and serves its customers in more than 60 countries. With its industrial cranes and components, Demag solves material flow, logistics and drive tasks and has expertise in all applications:

– Engineering
– Manufacture
– Supplies and components – Assemblies
– Commissioning
– Maintenance
– Modernisation

Demag has extensive international experience in the development of several projects for large national companies, responding to the trust placed in it by its customers, with responsibility and quality in the services and products that Demag offers to the market.