High technology in metallic constructions

In-house engineering

Our technical office, with highly qualified personnel, is in charge of analysing and designing the project to obtain an optimal solution adapted to the client’s needs.

At CALDITEC, SA we are convinced that the value of our company lies in our human team.

With a multidisciplinary technical office, the design process is focused on the customer, from the preliminary study to production. A two-way communication and our ability to adapt are the pillars for the development of projects, which includes all the design and calculation, the manufacturing process, quality control, testing and installation. We also provide maintenance, repair and training services (structural).

For quality control, we have the ISO 9001 and UNE-EN 1090 certifications. All welding processes are supervised by our own welding engineer, IWE (International Welding Engineer), which allows us to adapt to any combination of materials. We also work and collaborate on a regular basis with specialised companies for heat treatments, non-destructive testing, surface protection, etc.

Some of the media we work with to carry out the projects are:

– 3D modelling: Solid Works and Siemens NX. – Finite Element Simulation: Siemens NX
– Cype Metal 3D Structural Design
– Microprotol Pressure Equipment Calculation – Technical Drawing Autocad LT


At CALDITEC, we design, plan and build your installations based on the properties of the products to be deposited and the requirements of the process to be carried out with them.

We have two industrial buildings to manufacture the structure, boilermaking and piping, for machining, boilermaking and parts manufacturing, equipped with all types of machinery and overhead cranes.

On the other hand, CALDITEC has its own technology for the design and manufacture of technical valves for Hydro applications, mainly hydroelectric power plants and reservoirs. The main types of valves designed by CALDITEC are butterfly valves, ball valves, needle valves and regulating valves.

Calditec process

We study the client's needs

Personalised planning.
Taking into account the type and properties of the product, the technical requirements, the sector, particularities of the area, and other conditioning factors.

Installation of the project

Under the guidance of our experts, the installation is carried out on site with complete assembly of all equipment, including instrumentation and electrical wiring.